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Because everyone has had that Durrr moment and forgot to repair when we're able to. If you have an LDB display like ChocolateBar or TitanPanel this will automatically place itself in your display. Otherwise, it's just a minimap button that you can move around the minimap or hide completely if you want to.

Durrr(ability) is here to see how borked your stuff is, and remind you to repair.

This began as a fork of Broker_DurabilityInfo in the Battle for Azeroth expansion as the addon had not yet been updated at that time, and over time I added features to it that I thought were missing and should be there. Unfortunately, due to Shadowlands being less than stellar, I stepped away from the game and let my addons fall short.

I am now back for Dragonflight (and beyond?) and while credits go to FulgerTunet for his addon, I am updating and continuing to work on adding features to this as time goes on. If you don't need the additional features I've added, I highly suggest you look at using Broker_DurabilityInfo as it too has been updated for Dragonflight.


  • Auto-Updating percentage display on your chosen LDB Display
  • Show just the average percentage, or each item individually
  • Choose to figure in the equipment in your bags into the average percentage or not
  • Auto Repair
    • Choose to use Guild Funds (If Available)
    • Choose to use ONLY Guild Funds (If Available)
    • Choose whether or not to auto-repair based on your current reputation with a particular vendors
  • Choose to have a Repair Warning pop up when you enter a "Rested" state (usually a city)
    • Set the threshold where this warning fires
  • Choose to have a Repair Warning pop up when your durability falls below a threshold that you set
    • Set the threshold where this warning fires


Localizations have been enabled for this addon, but I do not speak any other language other than Broken-Redneck English. Any assistance in this regard will be very helpful, and I will give you credit for helping!

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