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Dungeon Aura Tools dynamicly creates Dungeon WeakAuras based on user selections to indicate buffs, debuffs, casts and other relevant information. Supports all important spells for Trash/Bosses (some casts get spammed by mobs so those are not tracked since they would create too much disturbance even though they might be important) aswell as Dungeon/Covenant specific stuff and some M+ Affixes.

Quick Start:

To open the options window, type /jdt or /DungeonAuraTools into your chat and hit enter. Options for Changing your Auras when they were generated:
  • Icon width and height
  • showing Timers and hiding cooldown Spinners
  • Choosing the fonts and text size
  • enable or disable sounds
  • X and Y- offset of the groups
  • Limit the amount of Auras showing at any given time
  • Grow directions and other grow related options
  • Anchroing Auras to the Affix group.
Ofcourse you can always manually adjust the settings on a per Aura level via the normal WeakAuras options! Zap-Hosting If you want to have some sounds, use this addon: Sharedmedia_causese If you've discovered something that's clearly wrong, or if you get an error, please open a ticket via Github Issues If you want to talk about the addon or just hang out please join my Discord. Debuff/Interrupt highlight stolen from causese props to him If you like my work and want to support me you can Donate