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It basically adds more sounds to lib SharedMedia so it can be used with AddOns like WeakAuras.
The offered sound mostly focus on the raiding / dungeon scene.
The added sounds are marked in red, as seen here:

Non-registered sounds:

  • PI (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\PI.ogg)
  • PS (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\PS.ogg)
  • Bark (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Bark.ogg)
  • BoP (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\BoP.ogg)
  • Sac (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Sac.ogg)
  • Innervate (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Innervate.ogg)
  • Physical (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Physical.ogg)
  • Magic (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Magic.ogg)
  • Fire (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Fire.ogg)
  • Poison (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Poison.ogg)
  • Disease (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Disease.ogg)
  • Curse (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Curse.ogg)
  • Bleed (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Bleed.ogg)
  • Cross (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Cross.ogg)
  • Crosswave (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Crosswave.ogg)
  • Wave (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Wave.ogg)
  • Shield (Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia_Causese\sound\Shield.ogg)

    Non registered sound's path has to be entered manually and can't be selected in the dropdown. This is to reduce bloat.



How to make sounds louder:

  1. Simply go to System -> Sound (ingame)
  2. Increase "Master Volume" slider to max (recommended)
  3. Decrease slider of other sounds channels (sound,music,ambience,dialog)


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