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Zadrot Damage Meter


Small damage meter, which does not even have its own window.
The amount of damage and healing is shown in a tooltip, which, by the way, can be fixed with the right button.

Why use this dps meter if there are others?
- Weighs 13 KB, which is a thousand times less than popular meters
- Due to its simplicity, it consumes several times less processor resources (it will be liked by those who play on weak computers)
- Doesn't save anything on your computer
- It always shows 2 numbers, your position in damage and healing (often too lazy to click somewhere, look for yourself in the list, and there is not enough space on the screen to display the meter permanently)

The position can be reset with the /zdm command, and moved with the left mouse button
Works in Classic and Shadowlands pre-patch (though not really tested)
This is the first version (or the second), please report bugs :)

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