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Lightweight addon that displays the materials produced when armor or weapons are disenchanted within the items tooltip.

Built to use the new mats system that is based off of the expansion the item was a part of not the old level system.

Only tested in retail version of WOW


If manually installing "You poor thing" the following is required to download also: Ace 3 -

If using an addon manager IE Curseforge, WowUp, Etc, dependencies are installed automatically.


  • Lists the materials available when disenchanting Armor and Weapons
  • Lists the expansion the item is a part of

*** DragonFlight Changes ***

With the massive change to the crafting system in DF, the different ways to level disenchanting and the options for various levels in reagents and materials, this addon does not take any of that into account. It maps material to quality -> expansion, nothing more. I have no plans to reverse engineer Blizzards over complication of disenchanting in the new crafting system. So assume that the info returned is at max level disenchanting.

Known Issues

  • There may be times when information is not shown for an item. This is due to an issue with the WOW API not returning data. Sometimes you may need to hover over the item again to get the data.

Timewalking Gear

Timewalking gear does not return the proper material when disenchanting. It will return the materials based off of the expansion the item it linked to and the material list for that expansion. I may know of a fix but since timewalking is not a constant event I have not been able to work on it when it's active.


Please report bugs and issues on the issues page. The use of BugGrabber and BugSack required when submitting bugs.

Donations accepted via PayPal.


Cosmetic items excluded from disenchanting