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BugGrabber is a small addon that simply grabs all Lua errors generated by WoW and makes them available to you through the /buggrabber slash command.

Regular users should not use BugGrabber on its own. It is not designed to silence Lua errors. However, if you want to provide the developers of your favorite addon with useful bug reports, installing BugGrabber and BugSack would be sensible.

For standard users, BugSack should be used to interact with BugGrabber, to provide high level display interface for the captured errors. Without a display addon like BugSack, BugGrabber will simply print captured bugs to the standard chat frame.

For addon developers with a lot of users that report bugs (that often lack details), BugGrabber can be embedded in your addon much like a library, providing a somewhat reduced featureset due to the lack of SavedVariables. If you want to embed BugGrabber, please download it and read the embedding.txt document found inside the archive. It can be pulled in like any other external dependency for wowace/curseforge. You can then listen for the BugGrabber_BugGrabbed and BugGrabber_EventGrabbed CallbackHandler events and generate nice reports for your users to copy/paste into your bug tracking facilities.