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Wrath of the Lich King and Classic Hardcore!  


NOTE: Classic, SoM, TBC, and Wrath DO NOT have world markers and NO addOn can provide them as world markers were not introduced until the Cataclysm prepatch!



 Now with the ability to remove all target markers at once, remove individual world markers, and place world markers for Circle, Moon and Skull!

  • Shows and hides the target and world markers while holding a hotkey.
  • Set the key-binding in the WoW key-bindings menu under AddOns > DejaMark.
  • Hold down your chosen key to show the markers at your mouse cursor. Release the key to hide them again.
  • Left click an icon to set a target marker. Left click the same icon again to remove the same marker.
  • Left click the circle-backslash symbol while having a target to remove all target markers.
  • Right click an icon to place a world marker on your mouse cursor then left click in the world to place the world marker.
  • Right click an icon again to remove the world marker from the world and place it on your mouse cursor again.
  • Right click in the world to remove a world flare from your mouse cursor.
  • Right click the circle-backslash symbol to remove all world markers.
Special Thanks:
DejaMark was created with the generous help of: Ro, Choonster, Phanx, Dridzt and Sedivy on the WoW UI and Macro forums and the Curse Forge forums.