Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - Archaeology


Originally just put in DBM-Core as a bit of humor during a test phase. The sounds became quite popular and when removed from last DBM release got numerous requests from users wanting them back. Since archaeology sounds don't really belong in the base mod, I decided to bring that feature back in plugin form!.

Now you can enjoy all your old god whispers in your dig sites. What this mod does is play a random C'thun and Yogg Saron whispers from the game files any time you loot a keystone. Archaeology is a profession meddling with the ancient artifacts of azeroth yet no one is paying any mind ot you. This plugin gives archaeology a bit of RP when the old gods whisper you as if they are noticing you meddling with things you should not be, giving archaeology that feel it should have had to begin with.


Requires Deadly Boss Mods


Get locals (especially for loot message) so everyone can enjoy plugin. Right now I can only guarentee full functionality on English local clients.