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CTMod is one of the longest-running addon collections (since Vanilla), written first by Cide and TS who can boast that many of their innovative features were later incorporated into the actual game. Resike (2013-2017) and Dahk (2017-present) have maintained the addon in recent expansions.

CTMod customizes your interface to include hotbars, buff timers, statistics recording, and much more. This project commits to tailoring the existing Blizzard UI wherever possible, instead of completely replacing it like some other addons do.

Help Needed:

If you know more than one language, please contribute at https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/ctmod/localization


This addon is modular so you can pick and choose which parts you want! Type /ct to configure them all!

  • CT_Core (/ctcore) - Several small scripts combined together. If you only use a few features, the others will remain disabled and take up almost no memory at all.
  • CT_BarMod (/ctbar) - Adds additional hotkey bars at the bottom above the experience bar, and additional left and right side bars. Shifts the pet bar above the left bar when it is turned on (unless overridden by the even more-featured CT_BottomBar).
  • CT_BottomBar (/ctbb) - Breaks apart the game’s bottom bar to move, rotate, and even hide different parts such as the bag bar, main menu bar, pet bar, class stance bar, etc.
  • CT_BuffMod (/ctbuff) - CT_BuffMod allows a much different style of customizable buff display. Buff names and durations can be shown. Buffs can be sorted by type or duration, and different types can even be shown in different parts of the screen. BuffMod is very versatile and the only way to truly unlock its potential is to play with the options until you get what you like!
  • CT_UnitFrames (/ctuf) - Unit frame mod that allows you to further customize the look and feel of the Blizzard unit frames for the player, target, focus, assist, target of target, and target of focus.
  • CT_RaidAssist (/ctra) - A modern remake of the original CTRA that predated Blizzard's actual raid frames. Reports hp, mana, buffs, and debuffs of anyone or everyone in your raid. Sorting is possible by groups, roles (retail only) and classes.
  • CT_MailMod (/ctmail and /maillog) - Adds several features to your mail window and a log to keep track of what you sent/received.
  • CT_MapMod (/ctmap) - Tracks herbs and ore as you discover them, and other features like adding custom notes to the map to remember where stuff is.
  • CT_ExpenseHistory (/cteh) - Tracks how much you spend on repairs, reagents, ammo, and mail postage. You can see your totals spent for each character, or a dated log of what you spent.
  • CT_PartyBuffs - Displaying of buffs on the party frames instead of when hovering a player’s frame.
  • CT_Timer (/cttimer) - General purpose countdown and stopwatch timer.
  • CT_Viewport (/ctvp) - Adds the ability to change the game’s viewport. This modifies the size of the rendered world, so that you can place UI elements outside of it.