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1.8.3 - Feature: MOTHER items now have added tooltip info. - Feature: Icons can now include rank text.

1.8.2 - Fix: Correct item icon offsets for alternative positions. - Fix: Inspecting players show corruptions as expected, thanks SlipCore. - Update: ruRU translation, thanks SlipCore.

1.8.1 - Fix: Moving icons in bags no longer leaves behind a corruption icon. - Fix: Marked the N'Zoth icon setting as unavailable if you do not have icons in use and put the config in the correct order. - Fix: Inspection frame was ignoring item icon setting. - Fix: Change logic for clearing IconOverlay that could have resulted in removing the Azerite icon overlay. - Update: Change the position/size of the item icon slightly to better position for ElvUI. - Update: zwTW translations. - Update: zhCN translations.


  • Feature: Show Corruption Icons on gear, thanks SlipCore.
  • Feature: Better config layout, and allow saving settings per account.
  • Fix: Narcissus, Adibags, Bagnon, ElvUI, ArkInventory and LiteBag compatibility.
  • Cleanup.


  • Feature: Show corruption level against item in character screen.
  • Fix DE translations, thanks mauricepape.


  • Fix translation loading, more translated content, thanks RainmakerUA.
  • Add a lookup table to supplement EncounterJournal tooltips. This may not be correct, please report bugs!


  • More translations, thanks LiangYuxuan, behhNa and Hubbotu.
  • Attempt to fix koKR positioning.


  • More translations.
  • Fix some mismatching of Corruptions.


  • Add option to not show spell icon.
  • Replaced corruption scanning with local var, no longer needs translation, thanks nekizalb0611.
  • I need translations for the config! Everything but enUS, zhCN and zhTW is missing.
  • Checked and we already supported Ineffible Truth Rank 1 - Yay


  • Change script hook to prevent incompatibilities.
  • Note: Summary option appears incompatible with the Narcissus addon.


  • Updated zhCN and zhTW translations.
  • Fixed summary configuration.
  • Added missing AceGUI.
  • Thanks to LiangYuxuan and BlueNightSky.


  • Fix some namespace conflicts.
  • zhCN rank updated.
  • Added summary option to list all corruptions on the overview tooltip.


  • Quickfix to at least try and match stats.


  • More language positioning fixes. Blizz pls.


  • Fixed zhCN, added zhTW.
  • No longer error out if there are conflicting tooltip addons.
  • Added option to show tooltips in English regardless of client language (/ct english).


  • Translations are no longer required for spell display.
  • Moved the position in the tooltip to go alongside the Corruption stat if it can be found (If you wish to retain the old position you can switch back and forth with /ct toggle)


  • Changed the addon packaging. Downloads from Github no longer work directly due to Ace3 not having an official Git mirror.
  • Added: esES support.
  • Added: frFR support.


  • Changed the addon to use bonus id's.
  • Added deDE support.
  • Re-released on Curse.


  • Initial release.

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