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What more is there to say, this is a simple tooltip addon that you can use to add the common name and rank for any applicable corruptions that apply to an item.

Tooltip Example


Icon, name and rank for all corrupted Item tooltips (characters, bags, banks and MOTHER).
Ability to show corruption in the client language, or in English.
Ability to add corruption icon and rank on items (characters, bags and banks).
Ability to show corruption amounts and summary for characters.
See options using the /ct command.

Why do I need it?

Besides making it easy to compare ranks against each other, we all know that by now, everyone is just lusting after those corruptions that are high ranked, yet it's not always obvious what spell description is what corruption. This addon simplifies that.


Notice something that isn't right? Please raise an issue at Github.


The addon comes with support for all clients, but the options require translations. If you think you want to help with this, please create a pull request on Github.


Totally inspired by raidbots.com.

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