Cool Glow

3,935 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 11, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0


- Changes the actionbar proc glow to something cool!

- Easy to use config setting, type /cg or /coolglow for easy toggle.

- Minimap button for increased quality of life.

- Test frame toggle for visible view of the glow settings, can be easy toggled by typing /cgt or /cgtest

- The test frame can be moved (leftbutton drag) and resized (rightbutton hold), to your preference.

- Works on the following actionbar mods: Default Blizzard, ElvUI, Bartender, Dominos, Button Forge, Neuron and bdActionbars (Havent tested others).


Future addition:

- Individual spell proc glow option (Heavy code rewritten for this to work).

- Make CoolGlow work on many more actionbar mods (What other mods are there?).


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