ElvUI AdiBags



AdiBags is one of the most popular bag addons out there, but it has bothered me for a while that it didnt quite match the overall ElvUI look.


The author of AddOnSkins (addon which skins various addons to match ElvUI) has removed AdiBags support.

The reason for this is that AdiBags is very hard to skin externally and therefore has to be done internally, see this post.


How do i install?

It is very straightforward to install this, here is a short, yet usefull guide:

1. Delete old AdiBags folders from your addons folder.

2. Download this file, and extract it in your addons folder.

3. Done!

Note: Don't worry downloading the old AdiBags addon again, this addon will get updated to the latest version of the core AdiBags addon asap.


Do all the AdiBags external plugins work, with this addon?


This addon is just a skinned version of regular AdiBags, so everything will work like it used to do!


Known issues:

There are currently no known issues, please make a bugticket if you experience any issues with the ElvUI skin! (06-08-19)


Classic support?

Yeeee! I have updated the addon to work for classic, please download the correct file for WoW Classic, the classic version of this addon works without ElvUI enabled aswell, if you want the true vanilla experience!!