Cloudy TradeSkill

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Jun 26, 2013

Owner: Cloudyfa

Lightweight addon that improves default TradeSkill UI:

  • Resize default TradeSkill UI
  • Make TradeSkill UI movable
  • Detach TSFrame from other panels
  • Faded when player moving
  • Add profession tabs to the TSFrame
  • Save searched text when close TSFrame
  • Save filters selection between professions
  • Show required item level
  • Druid auto unshapeshift
  • Support Enchanting Vellum scrolls
  • Support Chef's Hat and Thermal Anvil
  • Support Aurora & ElvUI
  • Support KeyBinding
  • Support placing recipe on actionbar
  • Support showing recipe tooltip on mouseover
  • Collapse all categories using Right-Click
  • Fix search feature (now you can use shift+click to search items like before)
  • Fix Legion recipe link error

Change Frame Size

If you want to adjust your TradeSkill frame (bigger/smaller), you can drag the bottom bar of TSFrame

Cloudy TradeSkill


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