Cloudy Tooltip Mod

2,871 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

Lightweight addon that modify the default tooltip:

Tooltip Anchor

  • Anchor to Mouse
  • Anchor to Offsets

Tooltip Detail

  • Player Title
  • Player Gender
  • Player Status
  • Player Realm
    • Use realm label
  • Guild Rank

Tooltip Info

  • Target of Target
  • Trade Goods info
  • Faction Icon
  • Link Icon

Tooltip Style

  • Colorize Tooltip
    • Base on Unit Reaction, Item Rarity, Hyperlink Type...
  • Class color priority
  • Hide Health Bar
  • Hide Tooltip Border
  • Hide in Combat

Tooltip Scale

  • Change default tooltip scale

CloudyTooltipMod option panel can be accessed via default Interface menu

* The "Item Level" and "Specialization" in screenshots come from my other addon: CloudyUnitInfo


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