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Classic Numbers

bringing vanilla popping animation back to retail!



Q: I can only see numbers from my main target

A: Go to Interface -> Names -> Tick 'Always show nameplates'


Q: Numbers are overlapping

A: Go to Interface -> Names -> Nameplate motion type -> Select 'Stacking nameplates'


Q: Why are the numbers following my target?

A: Because they are attached to the nameplate ; it is technically impossible to do otherwise currently.


Type /cn in the chat to display the options menu


Classic Number 1.2 adds font style and critical sound effects options !


Options includes:

Enable: enable the mod
Disable Blizzard's numbers: disables the default blizzard's combat text
Truncate numbers: a 1200 hit will be displayed as '1.2k'

Text Size: the font size
Text alpha: the transparency of the text
Text display duration

Text offset: set the text position wherever you like it
Scroll speed: set the non crit text scroll speed
Hide NonCrits if big crit chain: Temporarly hide normal hits if having rapid flow of critical strikes

Small hit filter: choose a number -> non crits will be hidden if the damage is below the chosen number
Small crit filter: choose a number -> crits will be displayed as if it was a non crit if the damage is below the chosen number. They'll still appear bigger than non crits, though, but they won't POP
Max crits displayed per target: only display the X newest crits per target, set to one to have a MOP style where only the latest crit is displayed
Use damage school colors: fire damage will be orange, frost damage will be blue, etc... if disabled, all abilities damage will be yellow"


Credit: some parts of the code is derived from Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text !


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