38,599 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 26, 2021 Game Version: 9.1.0
Cell is a unique raid frame addon inspired by CompactRaid.
I love CompactRaid so much, but it seems to be abandoned. And I made Cell, hope you enjoy.
Some ideas are from other great raid frame addons, such as AptechkaGrid2.
Cell is not meant to be a lightweight or powerful (like VuhDo, Grid2) raid frames addon. 
It's easy to use and good enough for you (hope so).
  • Layouts: auto switch for party, raid, battleground. 
  • Built-in click-castings: supports Keyboard and Multi-Button Mouse.
  • Customizable indicators: icon, bar, rect, text, icons.
  • Raid debuffs: debuffs priority and highlight.
  • Useful raid tools: ready check, countdown, marks, battleres.
  • Sexy Options UI: I mean yes it's pretty darn good!


Not supported and probably won't be included in the future

  • Sort raid by name/class/role
  • Custom border
  • Blizzard style icons
  • Clique, BigDebuffs


Slash Commands

Use /cell for more information.  


Screenshots (old version)

partyindicator options


CPU & Memory (old version)

Data from LFR encounter 4:30


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