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Cell is a nice raid frame addon inspired by several great addons, such as CompactRaid, Grid2, Aptechka and VuhDo.
With a more human-friendly interface, Cell can provide a better user experience, better than ever.
Hope you enjoy.



  • Layouts: auto switch layout by spec/role, supports party, raid, arena, and battleground.
  • Customizable Appearance: textures, colors and alphas.
  • Built-in Click-Castings: supports keyboard and multi-button mouse.
  • Indicators: dozens of built-in indicators and unlimited custom indicators (icon, bar, rect, text, icons).
  • Raid Debuffs: debuffs priority and glow.
  • Useful Raid Tools: ready check, countdown, rebuff, death report, marks, battleres.
  • Nice Options UI: I mean yes it's pretty darn good!
  • Spotlight Frame: extra 15 unit buttons, can be set to Target, Focus, Unit, Tank, etc.
  • Quick Assist: for Augmentation Evokers!
  • Compatibility: BigDebuffs, Class Colors, OmniCD and of course, WAs.


Code Snippets

Try disabling all snippets if there are any issues.

Check https://github.com/enderneko/Cell/tree/master/.snippets for more snippets.


  1. Cell Options -> About -> Code Snippets
  2. New -> Paste -> Save -> Tick the AutoRun box
  3. Reload


Not supported and probably won't be included in the future

  • Custom border
  • Addons like Clique


Slash Commands

Use /cell for more information.


Want to help improve Raid Debuffs?

Use Instance Spell Collector to collect debuffs. Then create a PR or submit a ticket on GitHub.


Guides & Sharing



Discord: https://discord.gg/9PSe3fKQGJ

简体中文介绍在这里: https://github.com/enderneko/Cell/blob/master/README_zhCN.md

NGA上的发布贴: https://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=23488341