1,783,422 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 23, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.5

New lightweight addon to track party cooldowns. Type /oc or /omnicd to open the option panel.

Key Features

  • Extremely reliable while using a fraction of the CPU consumption.
  • Detect all in-game cooldown reduction and adjust timers on the fly. Watch it in action:
  • Cooldown reduction by Runeforge Lengendaries, Covenants, and Soulbind Conduits added for 9.0.†
  • Sync Mode: If your teammate has OmniCD installed, character data are updated instantly and improves CD reduction accuracy.

Supported UI: VuhDo, Grid2, Aptechka, InvenRaidFrame3, Lime, Plexus, HealBot, Cell, ElvUI, Tukui, ShadowUF, ZPerl, PB4, NDui, KkthnxUI, RUF, ShestakUI.¶

† Covenant and Soulbind Conduits data can only be acquired through Sync. (Every other spell and it's CD reduction will work as a standalone)
¶ Unit CD bars are limited to 5 man groups unless Blizzard Raid Frames are used