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Hotfix (new)

  • Minor fixes to make this addon work for patch 1.15



  • A WoW Classic addon that can be used to filter chat for custom keywords. It will then notify you whenever it finds them in chat messages.
  • This is my minimalistic idea of a "LFG" addon. I don't want to look at chat 24/7 but also don't want to miss relevant messages. The more elaborate LFG addons are imho overkill, and at the same time not flexible enough, I don't need a list or anything, I just don't want to miss a message containing arbitrary things if it pops up. This solves that problem just fine, at least its ugly predecessor I had for vanilla pservers did.


  • Create custom keyword groups to be looked for in chat (channels, say and yell).
  • GUI to manage everything.
  • If a word is found it will notify you in chat, optionally plays a sound too.
  • Chat window for notification can be chosen, tab will flash when not shown.
  • Name in notification can be clicked to open /whisper.
  • Individual keyword groups or whole addon can be toggled on/off.