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Cast Log (Details! Plugin)


Cast Log is a plugin for Details! Damage Meter.


The plugin adds a new tab in the breakdown window showing the spells the player has casted during the combat in a timeline manner (see images).

Record spells from all members of the raid group or party.


By clicking in the yellow X button, the spell if removed from the list and added into the ignored spells.

Ignored spells can be managed by clicking in the Ignored Spells Button.

Only Cooldowns: show only cooldown spells, use this to know how a player schedule cooldowns over an encounter.

Only Auras: show only aura uptime, use to compare how a player kept  the debuffs alive on periods of the encounter.


Scroll: move the timeline forward or backward.

CTRL + Scroll: Zoom in and out.

SHIFT + Scroll: vertical scroll (in case of some spells does not fit in the window).