254,095 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 30, 2022 Game Version: 10.0.2  

Change your characters spec, talents, equipment, and action bars all at once.


  • Create talent, pvp talent, essence, soulbinds, equipment sets, and action bars
  • Combine sets into loadouts to switch them at once
  • Add conditions to prompt to switch loadouts in different situations, for example equipping special items for specific bosses
  • Drag loadouts to your action bars

Slash Commands

  • /btwloadouts or /btwl - Bring up the main window
  • /btwloadouts minimap or /btwl m - Show/hide the minimap icon
  • /btwloadouts activate [loadout] or /btwl a [loadout] - Activate a loadout

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please post all bug reports and feature requests in our GitHub issue tracker

Known Issues

  • Doesn't remove unused set switching macros which may fill up account bound macro slots
  • Needs translations


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