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Broker: Cash

The ecstasy of gold.

WoW Classic Support

Broker: Cash for WoW Retail is available at https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/broker_cash
Broker: Cash - Classic Edition for WoW Classic is available at https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/broker-cash-classic


Broker: Cash is an addon that remembers all your characters gold balance across realms, along with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly variations and displays them in a minimap icon tooltip.

This addon is also available as a LibDataBroker (LDB) plugin for LDB display such as ChocolateBar (my favorite), Bazooka, Titan Panel or whichever you prefer.

Currently available in English (default), French, Spanish and German. If you can help translating Broker: Cash to your language, please head up to GitHub and sumit a PR, or PM me on Curseforge.


Broker: Cash does not maintain a full history of your gold balance; it merely keeps track of the variations of your gold balance (ie. how much gold you earned or spent) on these predefined periods of time:

  • Session: variation since connected
  • Daily: variation since today at midnight
  • Weekly: variation since last monday at midnight
  • Monthly: variation since the 1st of the current month at midnight
  • Yearly: variation since January, 1st of the current year at midnight
  • Ever: variation since Broker: Cash was installed (well, kind of - see below).

Obviously, the Session stat is maintained for the currently connected character only (of course, all other stats are maintained for all your characters, account wide). This stat is not reset by a simple reload of the UI and since Broker: Cash 2.1.0, a new option called Session threshold allows you to set the delay before a logout is considered the end of the session. This is useful when you want to briefly connect another toon then continue playing with the current one. The default threshold is set to 60 seconds (1 minute).

The Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly stats are automatically reset at the beginning of the corresponding period as described above. You may also reset any character's stats at any time using the /brokercash command - see below.

The Ever stat is a little special:

  • First, it is never reset, so it will keep track of how much money you earned/spent since using Broker: Cash.
  • Second, it was only added in version 1.4.0 and initially set to the same amount as the Yearly stat. In effect, this means that if you started using Broker: Cash in 2017 or later, the Ever stat should be accurate. But if you started using Broker: Cash in 2016, it misses up to two months worth of data (Broker: Cash 1.0 was initially released on October 16, 2016). Sorry, there is nothing I can do about that.

Resetting or deleting statistics

Starting with 1.2.0, Broker: Cash allows you to reset or delete the statistics for any character it knows. Click the Broker: Cash LDB icon or type /brokercash (or simply /bcash) in your chat window to access this feature.


Starting with 1.3.0, Broker: Cash has a few options for you to play with. You may:

  • Prevent the dropdown menu to appear while in combat, should your LDB display addon not provide this feature itself.
  • Hide the copper and silver amounts in either or both the LDB display and the dropdown menu.
  • Disable the secondary tooltip if you don't need it.

Click the Broker: Cash LDB icon or type /brokercash (or simply /bcash) in your chat window to access the options panel.


  • Add some more locales. Help welcome: just fork the GitHub repository and submit a Pull Request

Need help?

I rarely read comments here on Curse; should you need any help, you'll get faster support by opening an issue on GitHub, where the projet lives.


Broker: Cash is released under the MIT licence.


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-- Septh