Brackenspore Flamethrower Assist

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Jan 29, 2015

Owner: CGHarbinger

Simple addon to keep track of the Burning Infusion debuff and to generate a sound to help the timing of burning moss patches to avoid losing buffs to the hidden internal cool down. Now with "A Fungus Among Us" tracking.

Use /fa or /flameassist in game for options. Click here for wowhead sound tool

Guide to Achieving 30 Stacks

  • 1. Move next to 2 patches of moss (just after infesting spores has finished)
  • 2. Activate flamethrower
  • 3. Wait at least 1/2 a second (0.575s to be accurate)
  • 4. Quickly face the second patch of moss
  • 5. Deactivate flamethrower as soon as possible after clearing second patch
  • 6. Repeat from 1 until either infesting spores is coming again or heat level is critical


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