Cyanide Poison Reminder

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Jun 26, 2009

Owner: CruizeT

Lightweight addon to play a sound effect and display a message on screen (once every minute) when your MH/OH poisons have a short time left before they expire. If you are resting in a city/inn or travelling via flight-points, the warnings will be supressed to avoid unnecessary spam. The time at which the warning message appears can be changed (the default is 5minutes before expiry) and there is a choice of 17 different sound effects to accompany it..
Written because, as a forgetful rogue, I often find myself going into 10minute fights with only 4minutes worth of poisons, since the initial ready-check took place 20minutes ago!
***Slash Command has been changed to /cypr to avoid a conflict with the ComboPointsRedux addon***
/cypr = view available commands
/cypr test = see how a warning looks like
/cypr et = the expire time, in minutes, left on poison, before a warning occurs
/cypr timer = set the interval, in minutes, at which you are warned you have no poison
/cypr on = enable the warning completely
/cypr off = disable the warning completely
/cypr toggle = enables or disables the warnings
/cypr wson = enable the warning sound
/cypr wsoff = disable the warning sound ( only warning text will popup )
/cypr wsset = set a warning sound from a list of sounds (the default is a friendly message from Hydross the Unstable)
/cypr wsli = listen to a warning sound from a list of sounds
/cypr tu = toggle warning for utility poisons (in case you don't want to use them while levelling)

I'm currently working on and web design as well, but will continue to update this addon.


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