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With the 2.0 update, you will have to readjust (possibly reset) the position of your button. The saved position has changed to the center of the frame since it can now show multiple buttons. Sorry!

Makes the ExtraActionButton used in instances and quests and the ZoneAbility button used for Garrison and Covenant abilities moveable.

For all the various boss fights and quests with an extra power bar that pops up check out BetterPowerBarAlt

There is no config. Right click on the area around the button to make it movable, then drag it to where you want and right click again to lock it in place. While it is unlocked, you can also use your mouse wheel over the frame to adjust it's scale and reset it back to its default scale by pressing the middle mouse button.

The clickable area to lock/unlock the button is the artwork surrounding the button, not the button itself. While unlocked, the artwork is shown and you can use it to drag the button around.

You can skin the button with Masque and you also have the option to turn off the background artwork with /beab togglebg.

/beab toggle to show/hide the frame so you can move it around.

If you find the frame some place it shouldn't be, you can type /beab reset to move it to the center of screen.

Also, if you're having issues with the button moving around or ignoring changes, look at some of your other addons to see if they have a setting for positioning it.