Barrels o' Easy

229,245 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 28, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

In order to use this after the recent hotfixes, you must not be in group while doing the WQ.  


This is just a tiny lightweight addon to help with the Barrels o' Fun World Quests.  


It simply marks the barrels with raid markers to help keep track of them.


Perfect for people with vision impairments or who don't want to closely

look at barrels multiple times a day :P


To use, simply mouse over the barrels as they're added and start the game.  When the barrel flashes, remember the barrel's icon and click that one after they're done moving around.


New in 1.0.4: 

A frame has been added for those of us who are forgetful.  Instead of chanting "Skull" or "Purple" in your head, you can now just check a checkbox.  Apparently it wasn't just me that was doing this :P


Note: clicking the close window will permanently hide this.  Type /barrels show or /boe show to renable showing the window.  Note: you can also hide it via /boe hide.


New in 1.0.8: Updated for 7.2


In order to use this in 7.2, you must start the first round and mark the barrels after the have stopped moving.  So feel free to continue marking them as soon as they become interactive again.



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