Bagnon RequiredLevel

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Bagnon RequiredLevel is a simple Bagnon plugin displaying info on items and recipes for which the required character or skill level is not yet fulfilled.

When I am leveling alts, their banks are full of equipment and recipes sent to them by my main which they cannot equip or learn yet. To keep my banks tidy, I want to (manually) sort these items by their required character or profession skill level. This has always been rather ardous because I had to read the tooltip overlay of each item to know their required level.

Bagnon RequiredLevel makes my life easier in this regard by doing the following:

Equipable items for which the required character level is not yet fulfilled are coloured red and the required level is displayed in the lower left of the icon.

Recipes for which the player knows the profession but does not yet have the required skill level are also coloured red and the required level is displayed. To identify which expansion a recipe belongs to, there is a number prefix preceding the required level; like 1 for Vanilla, 2 for Burning Crusade, etc... For example: an enchanting formula with "2.40" means that a skill level of 40 in "Outland Enchanting" is required.
(This expansion prefix thus far only works for the locales: enUS, enGB, esES, esMX, deDE, frFR, itIT. If you need another localisation, please contact me!)




  • Already known recipes are coloured dark grey.
  • Recipes for professions the character does not know are highlighted according to the Bagnon setting for "unusable" items.
  • Lockboxes display required Lockpicking skill level.


(My code is heavily based on Bagnon ItemLevel by Lars "Goldpaw" Norberg. So thanks to him!)


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