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Description and Features

AzerPUG's Preparation Checklist gives an easy way to check if you are prepared for a raid, dungeon or RBG. Within the options panel, the tracked items can be determined by the user themselves. After that one time set up, the user can simply click a button to make the addon check if you have all the preparations you need. Food, Flasks, Runes, Vantus, Pots, Armor Kits, Tomes, Oils. The user is also able to define number, how many they should have.
You can call up the window by using the slash commands /azp pcl or /azp check.

Optional Core

All AzerPUG AddOns are stand-alone and as lightweight as possible.
However, some very resource intensive things with AddOns are really nice to have.
In order to provide these extra things, like optimization or combining the AddOns into one bigger one, we have an optional, combined AddOn.
Anyone who uses several of our AddOns, is strongly suggested to use the AzerPUG's Core as well.
This Core AddOn will do several things that are considered an improvement by most people:
- Speed up loading times.
- Register events more efficiently.
- Deal with all the event handling for all AzerPUG AddOns.
- Deal with all the version control for all AzerPUG AddOns.

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Custom AddOn

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