AzerPUG's Boss Tools

2,861 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 16, 2022 Game Version: 9.2.5  

AzerPUG's Boss Tools will help you structure and deal with bosses. Not just as Raid Leader, but even as some one who just joins a guild or pugs, AzerPUGs Boss Tools can be invaluable to have with you, in order to increase the efficiency to kill the bosses.

All old bosses from previous patches that we had are still available.

New in Sepuclher:
- Skolex spam to move/stack in a specific quarter (GayDiamond and Square)
- Skolex assigns for people standing behind the gorup.
- DeSausage, Coming Soon!
- Halondrus, Coming Soon!
- Anduin, Coming Soon!
- Generic Frame, for when a BossTool is not present.