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Uploaded Nov 27, 2020
Game Version 9.0.2
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Supported WoW Versions


AudioQs Version 1.2.1-3

-- Covenants will now correctly load upon the first login after starting WoW.


AudioQs Version 1.2.1-2

-- Fixed Covenants extension. No longer classified as experimental.


AudioQs Version 1.2.1-1

-- Fixed bug with CrowdControl when standing in an Area of Effect spell that applies a loss of control.

AudioQs Version 1.2.1

-- [Experimental] Added Covenants extension. Tracks the basic ability and class ability for whichever covenant you have known. Load into your current specialization with "/aq load covenants".

-- New spells added for all currently tracked specializations or classes.


-- Massive re-record of spell cooldowns to use sounds.


-- Ceremoniously upgraded to Shadowlands.


-- Some other tweaks and fixes.



Supports all official live World of Warcraft including Classic, PTR.