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Uploaded Aug 16, 2020
Game Version 1.13.5
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AudioQs Version 1.1.6

-- Added CrowdControl extension. Load into your current specialization with "/aq load crowdcontrol". Compatible with classic. Thank you Seraphine for helping test!
- Gives alerts when you are "stunned" "disoriented" "silenced" or for example "nature locked". Works in all game modes.

-- Included compatibility for Shadowlands API.
- Once Shadowlands or Pre-Patch is released, the addon in it's current state should continue to work as intended. Simply allow out-of-date addons until an update is given, but be wary of any other addons that you have yet to update, or are no longer supported by the developer.

Supports all official live World of Warcraft including Classic, PTR.