Arnold Schwarzenegger VEM / DBM

66,234 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5



This Is A New Up-Dated Voiced With Arnold Schwarzenegger

All I Ask Is For A Simple Dollar Donation Before You Download Please.

Your donation would help out very much. I've put in a lot of time and effort into this add-on 

Took me over a month to finish when I started from scratch.


Hello Everyone! " I'm Back! "

Arnold Schwarzenegger Battle For Azeroth Is Here And Ready To Download


I know everyone has been waiting for the update so I made sure to deliver this time.

I'm going to give the audience what I think they want.

I spent many days / hours on the update so I hope you all enjoy and approve. 

Enjoy raiding with Arnold and more on your adventurous quests as you take back control to Azeroth! 

Thank you all for your continued donations and support it means a lot.

This update is all the love back for it and more!   


Please Tweet @Schwarzenegger also to show support how much we all love this!

Maybe he will tweet something in return you never know!

Enjoy the holidays and enjoy the new update! 11/8/2018


Thanks to everyone who likes this add-on and the awesome comments you left.

It inspired me to say " I'm Back! " and up-date this.

Your Donation Means A Lot To Us!

In Return I'll be able to update more often and make it worth while as I work on this more and more.


It's been a rough couple years for me. My father passed away last year and just recently my only sister this year due to the North Bay California Fires, that I'm sure you all heard about, at the same time while dealing with the loss I was in the process of a new job and moving.

So a little bit of your help will go a long way and every dollar WILL go a LONG way.

Thank You SO Much! 


Update on me:

I'm doing well and working hard. That's why it took me longer for the update when Battle for Azeroth came out. A lotta new files had to be added. I'll be ready for when the new patch hits to. I should have the updates a lot sooner now then before. 

You can follow me at @Gamer_X_Gen on Twitter where I post status on the updates mostly. 


When you're done downloading this add-on log into your character and go to the deadly boss mods options tab. Click where it says Spoken Alerts then you'll see Voice Selections along with 4 window boxes Change the 4 boxes to Schwarzenegger English Male for count sounds and spoken alerts. Here you can custom the voice audio to your liking or setup the way you want. Basically if you want two to four different voices talking on VEM.

Otherwise you can set the 4 window boxes all to Schwarzenegger English Male and your done! Shadow Priest: Evilfranz

Twitter: @Gamer_X_Gen 



Arnold Battle Of Azeroth







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