Macro Auto Target

[Originally ArenaTargetHealer] Changes the "target=" in your macros based on which slot an enemy/friendly role is in

If you create a macro that has "#ATH" in it somewhere, it will update the "/tar arena1" part to the slot that has an enemy healer.

Example macro. If you create one that reads like this:


/tar arena1

/cast Polymorph

During the prep phase of arena, if the enemy healer is in slot 2, it will be changed to:


/tar arena2

/cast Polymorph

Also works for /target arena1, /focus arena1, and /cast [@arena1].

Supported commands:

  • #ATH: target first enemy arena healer
  • #ATT: target first enemy arena tank
  • #ATD: target first enemy arena dps
  • #ATC: target first enemy arena caster (anything that is not a melee dps or a hunter)
  • #ATM: target first enemy arena melee dps
  • #ATR: target first enemy arena ranged dps (same as #ATC except includes BM/marksman hunters)
  • #RTH: target first friendly party/raid healer
  • #RTT: target first friendly party/raid tank
  • #RTD: target first friendly party/raid dps

Optional number at the end of the command, to pick the second/third/etc tank/healer/dps in your party/raid. Eg:

  • #RTD2: target second friendly party/raid dps
  • #RTH3: target third friendly party/raid healer