Ara Broker Reputations

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Version R55 and later has been tested with Classic, TBC Classic, Wrath Classic, Cata Classic and Dragonflight

The app has been written to be universal, so can be installed on any version, and contains version detection
You only need R55 or later for all your reputation needs.


This data broker plugin keeps track of your watched faction and displays a Blizzard-like faction list: colored bars in tree view mode that show standing (ie: Honored) and switch to raw numbers (ie: 2400/12000) when mouse hovered. You can access the config menu by right-clicking the block.

It does pretty much what Broker Factions does with the following additions:
- Can represent the watched faction with an ASCII bar.
- Can sort by reputation level (thx to Neorgia)
- Can watch hidden factions.
- Colors are editable.

It has been designed with efficiency in mind: fast and lightweight, yet feature full.

Click a header (white entry) to expand or collapse.
Click a faction to "watch" it. (Alliance Vaguard and Horde Expedition are special cases and require a shift+click to be watched.)
Middle-Click a faction to move it to actives/inactives.
Right-Click a faction to copy its info in chatbox.

Collapsed headers are saved across session (with the exception of inactive factions that are automatically collapsed by Blizzard at login).

This plugin supports AddonLoader (delayed loading), Skinner and SharedMedia (limited).

---- VikingKing for updating it for a lot of patch versions ----

---- Aranarth for bringing it to live at first ----
---- Broker Factions (Tristanian) for options and color coding ideas ----

---- Titan Panel Reputation (ElioteMarcondes) for inspiration on fixing some Renown issues for r60 ----