Angry Notes

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Aug 5, 2016

Owner: Ermads

Angry Notes is a standalone version of Angry Assignments that can be used to create and display personal notes within your WoW interface. You will first want to read the documentation for Angry Assignments to understand how to use Angry Notes.

Differences from AA

  • All of the communications features have been removed, only you have full control of the contents of your pages and you can display them as you wish at any time.
  • The configuration window is the same as AA's except the "Permissions" section has been removed.
  • Console commands are the same as Angry Assignments, except the prefix is "/an" instead of "/aa". Commands from AA that aren't applicable to AN, such as "send", "version", and "backup", have been removed.
  • Your AN pages are of course stored completely separately from your AA pages, although you could copy/paste across to copy pages.


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