Adibags - Ren's Filters: Reputation

3,647 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1

This add-on is a plug-in for AdiBags that makes a "Reputation" AdiBag filter that groups items whose main purpose is to grant or give an increase to reputation gains, in these general categories:

1) Consumables - Consumable items that grant reputation that are not contracts. Examples:
  Writs, Commendations and Insignias
  Hozen Peace Pipe
  Medallion of the Legion
2) Quest Items - Quest items that grant reputation when turned in. Examples:
  Timbermaw Tribe items
  Tiller items
  Aldor/Scryer items
  Steamwheedle Preservation Society items
3) Tabards - Tabards that grant reputation. Examples:
  Darnassus Tabard
  Undercity Tabard
  Illustrious Guild Tabard
4) Contracts - Contracts from Battle for Azeroth
5) Guild Banners

These categories can be toggled to be included or excluded from the reputation group. This is my first add-on, so please let me know if there are any issues, including suggestions for additional items it should handle.

I also want to say thanks to the handful of people who already have posted AdiBag add-ons; it was helpful to have templates to analyze as I tried to figure all of this out; particularly I want to thank Myrroddin and LownIgnitus for their AdiBag add-ons.

This add-on requires AdiBags.

(note this project was renamed from Adibags - Reputation to give it a more distinctive name.  It was getting too confusing with all of these similarly-named add-ons)


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