AdiBags Dragonflight

AdiBags - Dragonflight

AdiBags filter for common Dragonflight items.

If you've noticed a missing, miscategorized, or unbelonging item, please leave a comment!

Currently, this addon supports:

  • Reputation & Renown
  • Profession Knowledge
  • Treasure Sacks
  • Fortune Cards
  • Drakewatcher Manuscripts
  • Contracts
  • Zskera Vaults
  • Primordial Stones
  • Artisan Curios
  • Loamm
  • Dreamsurges
  • Superbloom
  • Shadowflame Crests
  • Lizi's Reins (Maruuk Centaur Mount)
  • Temperamental Skyclaw (Azure Span Gnoll Mount)
  • Magmashell (Snail Mount)
  • Loyal Magmammoth (Djaradin Mammoth)
  • Chip (Companion)
  • Phoenix Wishwing (Companion)
  • Mossy Mammoth (Zskera Vaults mount)
  • Gooey Snailemental (Forbidden Reach mount)
  • Primal Storms (Pre-Patch Event)
  • The Storm's Fury (Primalist Furute Event)

This is a plugin only! You can get the base bag addon over at AdiAddons/AdiBags or CurseForge.

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