AdiBags Bears Ultimate


AdiBags Bears Ultimate

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Bears 10.0.5 curse requires


Sorts various stuff into their own categories, starting with Dragonflight.

This addon is for special items that don't fit as a profession reagent but I feel would be nice to be catergorized. They include but are not limited to..

  1. Food
  2. Pots
  3. phials
  4. Tools
  5. Trinket reagents
  6. Knowledge
  7. Items to turn in
  8. Primordial Stones
  9. Special items such as Zserka vault key
  10. Forbidden reach combine items.
  11. Rep items
  12.  Toys
  13. Weapon enhancements

and more....


If something is not here that you feel would be a good fit or if you find a bug, feel free to create an Issue