Hawg's Balls Paint Damage

49,325 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 4, 2021 Game Version: Update

Hawg’s PaintBall Damage.

This mod will improve your game play by marking a penetrated shot with a green paintball splatter

 and a red splatter on non penetrated shot.
 You will now know where to aim your next shot and not waste it on a Non penetrating shot.

 6 different splats to pick from .


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(1) No HE Yellow With Red No Pen ( original )

(2) With HE Yellow With Red No Pen

(3) Damage Only No HE Yellow

(4) Damage Only With HE Yellow

(5) CrossHair No HE Yellow

(6) CrossHair With HE Yellow

2 sizes of splats  Normal    %125 


Total 12 version in Download


NOTE : Version 3 and 4 will only show Damage hits ,non penetrated will Not show



Color Chart


HE Splat  version (2) (4) (6)



6 New Splats Added 



To see this mod in action on You tube click the link below


Thanks to ZuesMoltar9 for making video.

Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy

This Mod Complies to all the Fair Play Policy Rules



Special thanks to " Egg " for helping to testing of this mod.


Special thanks to "150" for  Helping Designing the "splat" texture.








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