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Hawg Pack ,

Is a unique mod ,that combines Hawg's Alternative Xvm with 34 of Hawg's Own favorite mods that Hawg has made. All the mods been link to the Xvm to run cohesive together as one XVM mod . Tons of hours has went into making the mod. Like most of Hawg's mods are made to remove information overload from battle, this mod is the king of all of Hawg's mods .This mod well improve your game play for sure! Everything  that's is added for battle ,is to give you less Obstruction in battle to help you  focus on the Important things + ....the Battle..The garage has a few Improvements as well .  This mod may not be for everyone,if you like to see Raindeers , Flying Monkeys or  Unicorns  in battle , this mod isn't for you. Easy to install..


NOTE : Xvm SAFE SHOT is turn Off by default you  must turn it on In HawgPen


In the Hawg’s pack is :

(1)  Hawg’s Xvm
(2)  Hawg’s 60 x zoom
(3)  Hawg’s Arty zoom out
(4)  Hawg’s AutoLogin
(5)  Hawg’s AverageDamage indicator
(6)  Hawg’s BattleScore
(7)  Hawg’s DamageLog
(8)  Hawg’s 2 to  row Carousel
(9)  Hawg’s DamageLog
(10) Hawg’s HighCaliber indicator
(11) Hawg’s Hitlog
(12) Hawg’s Platoon icon markers
(13) Hawg’s Tank Sky Zoom Out
(14) Hawg’s Postmortem Helper
(15) Hawg’s Total HP Tracker
(16) Hawg’s SixthSense
(17) Hawg’s Real Time Battle Score
(18) Hawg’s Contour Icons
(19) Hawg’s Blue SkyDome
(20) Hawg’s Needel V_2 Damage Indicator  
(21) Hawg’s DamagePanel
(22) Hawg’s Paintball
(23) Hawg’s Small Carousel Flags
(24) Hawg’s RadialMenu
(25) Hawg’s Grim Reaper Battle Stats
(26) Hawg’s Spg & TD Tactical Minimap’s
(27) Hawg’s Cap Circle
{28) Hawg’s WOT players button
(29) Hawg’s Mark of Excellence
(30) Hawg’s Army Shell’s                                                                                          (31) Safe Shot ( XVM)                                                                                                  (32) Shell Indicator
(33) Hawg’s Advance MiniMap Arrow  
(34) Hawg’s Target Arrow


NOTE : Xvm SAFE SHOT is turn Off by default you  must turn it on In HawgPen


Added the  "HawgPen" Configs , So now you got 49  Xvm function to turn ON/OFF or adjust to your preference ,if you don't like the default settings.. Auto login , Average Damage, Battle Score , Carousel , Carousel Nation Flags , Carousel Tank Icons , DamageLog , Efficiency ,FlashBang High Caliber , Hawg Zoom , HealthBar,  HighCaliber  ,Hitlog , Icons ,  Level Icon , Not Hawgs Icon Contours , Platoon Icons , Postmortem ,  Premium Garage , Rating Marker , SafeShot , Shell Type, SixthSense Time , Tank Sky Zoom Out  , &  Total HP .  , . Super easy to do . 



-Added New folder to HawgPen Gunsights  Now you can turn On or Off 23 different gun sights function

 Default is turn Off on each ,to Turn On Use Hawpen Folder "GunSights"

The new GunSights folders are located in Hawgpen : 

 AimDistances  , Arty_AimTime , Arty_Distance , Arty_HealthBar , Arty_ReloadBar , Arty_Shell_FlightTime   , Arty_Shell_Penetration , Arty_ShellSpeed , Arty_SplashSphere ( Hotkey B ) , Center_X_Mark , ClipReloadTime   , HealthBar , HealthBarCircle , Hitpoints , Penetration , PlayerName , ReloadBar , ReloadCountDown , ReloadTime   , ShellType , TankInfo , TargetPlayerReloadTime , TargetPlayerVision .  


HawgPen file path...... wotconfcnfigs > xvm > hp  EASY to do! Open with Notepad or NotePad + +. Open the folder you want to adjust, right click on the ".xc file" and click "Edit with Note Pad " Then You change the true or false and save changes. Sixth Sense, Carousel and Zoom just add the number you want. You can look at the "Example" in each file to see what each function does.

NOTE: true or false must be in lower case letter. 



Note :You can Transfer all your setting from Hawgpen to each update

Just copy folder hp than paste over updated version , Just do after you install update .



Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy

This Xvm Complies to all the Fair Play Policy Rules


 Special Thanks to 150 & Sofa ,logo pic created by 150


Gun Sights  You can turn On/Off any Gun Sights Function


   Arty Gun Sights  You can turn On/Off any Gun Sights Function


Arty Splash Sphere HotKey ( B ) You must activate in HawgPen folder first




                                                       Advance Carousel 



                                   GARAGE ZOOMGarge Zoom

Hawg's  mod function "Real Time Battle Score" can't be found anywhere but here.


        30x XVM Zoom Implemented & Zoom Indicator

                                10 different power setting ( 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 27, 30 ) _____Zoom___ 


                                 Direction Arrow 

Direction Arrow

                                    Damage Indicator

                                        Damage Panel

                       MARK OF EXCELLENCE TRACKER







                      HITLOG & HITPOINT TRACKER



                                               EASY COLOR CHART




                           IMPORTANT SPOT MARKERS


                                  FOCUS FIRE ARROW


                          PLATOON COLOR MARKER


    If you don't want to see stats don't activate XVM


To see all of "Hawgs Mods" on his project page clink like below

Hawgs Project Pages






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