Hawg's ColorBlind Paint Ball Damage

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Hawg’s ColorBlind PaintBall Damage.
This mod will improve your game play by marking a penetrated shot with a green paintball splatter and a purple splatter on non penetrated shot.
You will now know where to aim your next shot and not waste it on a Non penetrating shot.

You Have 6 different splats to pick from

(1) No HE Yellow With Red No Pen ( original )
(2) With HE Yellow With Red No Pen
(3) Damage Only No HE Yellow
(4) Damage Only With HE Yellow
(5) CrossHair No HE Yellow
(6) CrossHair With HE Yellow

2 sizes of splats Normal and %125

Total 12 version in Download


NOTE : Version 3 and 4 will only show Damage hits , non penetrated will Not show

 Special thanks to "150" for  Helping Designing the "splat" texture.


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To see this mod in action on Youtube click the link below


Thanks to ZuesMoltar9 for making video. 







HE Splat Version (2) & (4)




Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy

This Mod Complies to all the Fair Play Policy Rules





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