Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: API 8


Jun 5, 2014

Owner: YeOldeFreddy

An attempt at recreating the World of Warcraft chat colours in Wildstars' default chat pane.

For example, party chat is now the correct shade of Blue, as well as Guild and Officer chat.
Zone and Advice chat channels now use the Blizzard default colour.
Emote text is now the correct colour, and loot text is now a deep green.

All changes are inline with the default World of Warcraft UI.

Update (v6+):
You can now choose your own channel colours!
Do this using the following command:
/wowchat edit <channel>
You'll then be met with a Colour Picker dialog, which you can use to select your desired colour.
Want a list of available channels? Try: /wowchat help

Slash Commands:
/wowchat help
/wowchat reset
/wowchat edit <channel>

(V9+): Several new aliases were added for channels, "circles" can now be used in place of "society".
"y" is now short for yell when used with /wowchat edit <channel>
"p" is now short for party
"i" is now for instance
"g" is now short for guild... etc.

Compatible with ChatFixedFixed Chat LogImprovedChatLog and BetterChatLog.
ColorPicker was provided generously for community use by Tomber.

--Timestamp + Channel Name are not updated.

Officially abandoned - I no longer play or am interested in Wildstar.


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