Last Updated: Dec 19, 2015 Game Version: API 11


Sep 3, 2014

Owner: ZaFrost

UI opens with /vsk command 

List of commands : /vsksave /vskload /vskdelete /vsksaved /vsk

1) /vsksave name 

Save current key bindings. For example : /vsksave pvebinds

2) /vskload name

Load saved key bindings. For example : /vskload pvebinds

3) /vskdelete name

Delete saved key bindings. For example : /vskdelete pvebinds

4) /vsksaved

Shows a list of saved key bindings

5) /vsk

Shows a list of commands, opens user interface

Addon to save keybinds, also helps to fix character-specific keybinds reset bug, which happens after switching servers.


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