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Check out my other addons

-ViragsSocial (An alternative for default Wildstar Social Interface.) :

-ViragsAutoCoordinate (Adds an option to auto craft multiple items 
on Coordinate Board including variant items.) :

ViragsMultibuyer (Adds an option to buy multiple items simultaneously.) :

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ViragsSaveKeybind  :

Youtube channel : zafrostpet

Future Plans:

1) ??? - Make your suggestions in the comment section.

Circuit Board Professions: 

  • Weaponsmith 
  • Armorer 
  • Outfitter 
  • Tailor

Adds functionality to craft multiple items. Addon's frame opens when you start circuit board craft or add items from tradeskills window. Additionally you can switch addon on or off with toggle button in the top right corner of the tradeskills or circuit board window. Addon's functionality is divided into two parts - Recorded Craft(Schematics Queue) and Dailies Queue. You can change queue modes with the toggle mode button near close addon button. 

1)   Dailies Queue

Dailies Queue is designed to make crafting dailies as fast as possible or salvage crafting. You can add schematic to dailies queue from tradeskills window. When you click on the quest from default tasks UI it will open tradeskills directly to required schematic so you don't have to search for it. Click "Start Queue" or "Start Item" button in the "Dailies Helper Queue" to start crafting. Item stats will be set to minimum to avoid overcharging.

"Auto Handle Random Sockets", "Use Power Cores Of The Same Type" options in dailies queue are always on. More about options below.

Dailies queue will use green power cores in priority to blue ones.

2) Recorded Craft(Schematics Queue)

With recorded craft you can save sockets you chose for mass crafting. In order to save desired attributes you should start circuit board craft. Press "Rec. Socket" to reset previously saved item(if present). From that point all your actions will be saved. When you're done choosing stats pick the number of items you want to craft in the addons main frame and press start. If you want to save recorded craft for later use press "Save To Schematics Queue" button, it will save the pattern to "Schematics Queue".


  "Use Power Cores Of The Same Type" will change the power core if you run out of chosen power cores in Recorded Craft. For example you recorded item with Rough power core, with this option checked it will replace Rough one with another power core in your inventory if present. Can cause overcharge if you maxed out stats on stronger power core, changing to weaker one will cause charge bar go over the top.

"Auto Handle Random Sockets" will change chosen attribute for one turn when it matches the random one to avoid duplicate attribute error.

Advanced Settings:

Recorded Craft Settings - Desired Specials. You can choose up to 4 desired specials when you open circuit board to schematic with random specials. This option will use the weakest power core on non-desired special and attributes will be set to minimum to avoid overcharging. You can also abandon craft on non-desired special.

Dailies Queue - Desired Power Cores. Sets power core priority for the "Dailies Helper Queue". For example if you check Weak it will use Weak Power Cores first. You can also check "Use Only Desired Power Cores" option to avoid using non-desired cores.

v 2.00

New Feature: Added "Dailies Helper Queue"


- Desired Specials is now working for research schematics, it will replace the chosen power core with weak or rough hybrid power cores when the random special doesn't match the chosen one.

-Addon will no longer open on toggle tradeskills, added toggle button near tradeskill's close button.


- Implemented "Desired Special" option


-Added desired power cores option for Dailies Queue