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BuffTelegraphs shows you where to get certain buffs.

Medics provide Empowering Aura to everyone within 10m of them.

Warriors provide Power Link, but only to the 4 closest to them. And you are given an extra buff if you are within 6m of them.

This addon draws circles around these players while in a group with them. Upon getting getting the buff, the telegraphs will dim. 

This addon is designed to help people improve their DPS by showing them where to stand in the chaos of combat. It's most useful for ranged classes who aren't used to stacking on bosses.

/bt to quicky open the options panel, or locate it on the interface menu on the bottom left!

Currently if you have a warrior in the party who is also using the addon, his cooldown information is transmitted to other players in the group. His circle will dim even if you don't get powerlink so you know to be near a different warrior. Also, Medics running the addon will transmit if they are running Empowering Aura amp, if they are not, they will never have circles drawn around them.


 What's new? Lots of stuff.


  • You can now Draw a circle around your character. You can adjust the range/color to your liking. Useful if you need to stay spread or for other uses. In another patch soon, you will be able to use a marker instead. Useful for finding yourself in the crowd.


  • You can place telegraphs around any class with an adjustable range slider.
  • You can place icons on them instead.
  • You can place icons on your tanks and healers as well.

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