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KuronaFrames is a UnitFrames addon I made because all the others i've tried are bloated and slow. It's built from scratch to be fast.

Feel free to hit me up  on twitter @KuronaTwit or ingame  Kurona Silversky @ Entity with any questions or errors!

  • Choose between rounded or square cornered frames.
  • Color changing HP bars based on HP percentage and MoO status. CCArmor can also be shown on cast bars.
  • Customizable Colors for most objects.
  • Movable/Resizable: You can move/resize the frames easily with Edit Mode in the options panel /kframes
  • Castbars: For you and your targets, including a "Smooth Casting" option to fluidly animate the cast bars. Also, you can color the bars when the spell is interruptable to get your attention.
  • Pet Frames: A list of your pets and their HP
  • Target Swap: You can select your pets by clicking the pet icon, or the Arrow icon for your targets target.
  • Speed: It's fast and doesn't slow down your system. Compare the ms/sec of this addon versus the stock or your favorite UnitFrames. This results in more FPS!
  • Edit Mode: Lets you resize and move most elements like castbars and buffs.
  • Threat meter: Shows your your threat versus the the highest on the threat table
  • "AutoHide" feature: Your player frame will fade away when you are unhurt and out of combat.(This works good, but it does make it harder to do stuff like leaving your group. /leave works for now. I'll have to think of a way to make sure you have all options available when the frame is hidden.)
  • Resource Meters for all classes. Let me know what's missing with your class!
  • "Eat Away" Mechanic on hp bars, when you are damaged, a section of the HP bar goes red showing you how much damage you just took
  • Sprint Meter: Move and resizable.
  • Lots and Lots More!

 Whats New?



*Added a new Cluster Unit window to show linked mobs hp/shields. It works
like the petframe for players.

*Added some new buff detection functions for Espers. This should result
in better performance for us.

*Added support for Mirrored Target Frames. You can enable this under
Style Options for now! Please report any bugs!

*Updated to support API 10. Framework for the mirrored target
frames added.
*Tweaks to the petframe performance.

*You can now pick a color to use for your basic resource bar.

*You can now move/resize the class icons.

*Added new Telegraph Assist for Telekinetic Storm.
*Added outline support for other Telegraph assists.
*Added the ability to change Basic Resource Meter color.

*Added a couple new options for espers. There's now numerical display
for the amount of psi points you have. This is movable. Added support
for the mental overlow buff currently on PTR. When enabled, it will
add the number of buffs to your psi point display.


 If you like this addon, or any of my others, please buy me a coffee by using the donate link on this page.