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New look + Feature!

Tankie has been updated in version 2.3 to be fully scaleable, and have a better look and feel to it!

You can also make a macro using the slash command /tankiescan and keybind it to quick scan for your healer on the fly!


Why should i use Tankie?

Ever had the problem of a healer running out of focus, right after you pull!? Well never again after you download Tankie, you can monitor your healer's focus auto-magically.

If your healer leaves the group, or get's too far, tankie will allow you to scan for your healer to repop the info back up, This only need's to be done IF your healer leaves the group, or dies / ranges u etc... Once you are in range scanning will pop your healer directly back into view.

Tankie works by looking at your group's makeup, find's who is queued as a healer, and starts monitoring them.

You can access tankie by /tankie or better yet, Click the Menu Bar on the bottom left, Find Tankie in the menu, and pin it to your bottom bar and click the button to show / hide tankie. 

Note: there is some funky stuff for raids / battlegrounds on who it picks to show as a healer... please post any error log's here, i'm still working on it!




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