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What is Healie?

- Healie is a Target Assistant for Healer's which allows them to press a customize-able (Defaulted to V, Don't worry though, it does not overwrite keybinds by carbine) to target the Lowest HP Party member within range. 

-Added Range Check - It will only target  the Lowest HP (Who is not dead) within 40m Range of you, You can set a custom range from 1 - 40m by going into the options!


  •  [3.2a/b] Fixed an issue which was causing /healieopts and the "Options" button from the /healie window to throw an error if executed in a certain order. Healie should now remember your keybind through reloadui etc, if you find any error's with this ( Note: Shift , Ctrl, A-Z and 1-9 are currently the only available key's to bind until i do some more testing) please let me know here!
  • [3.2] Clarified the Target Macro's . /healietot - Target's Current Target -| /healietotot - Targets Current Target's Target | /healiefocus - Target's your /focus target.
  • [3.1] Added in 3 new target macro's to allow you to select your Target's Target, Targets Target's Target(heh) and your Focus Target!
  • [2.9] Fixed lua errors introduced in 2.8, added 5m range to the selection slider.
  • [2.8] Saving OPTIONS from session to session is finally here!
  • [2.7] Updated to API 9.
  • [2.6] Added ability to select your own custom range from 1 - 35
  • [2.6] Minor Graphical Improvements 
  • [2.6] Added /healieopts to go directly to the options.
  • [2.6] Added options select button from typing /healie !
  • [2.6] Minor Improvements to targeting Logic.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • [2.5] Added ability to select your own keybind by typing /healie (Make sure you click set!)
  • [2.5] Default Keybind set to V (Same as Vacuum Loot), Does not Overwrite, you will just hit loot more :D

Known Issues

  • Targeting does not check LoS. [ Will be working on this soon! ]

Future Updates

  • Ability to blacklist players from being targeted
  • [Ongoing] Graphical Update
  • [Ongoing] Improved Targeting Logic