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F2P Update

In theory Carbine has addressed these issues. I'm deprecating this add-on, and recommend that you remove it. Fixes for the new and improved Carbine bugs will be released as a separate add-on if needed. 


1.0.1b Update

Carbine responded to my post and indicated that a fix was not coming until Drop 6.

Since this add-on will be in use for longer than I expected,  I've been working on several QoL enhancements and bug fixes for SpeedyQT. The add-on now provides feedback when the performance improvements are enabled with an icon:

Icon with Tooltip

Command line options are supported. I've added a 'forced' option that will allow players questing, or in other zones to enable SpeedyQT for a performance increase:

I discovered that Illium and Thayd zone IDs are split into quite a few more IDs than I supported. I canvassed Illium, but I need feedback on zones that are missing in Thayd (or other places). If you see that SpeedyQT is not auto-enabled, and you think it should be -- enter '/speedyqt' and post the zone ID below.

Until I update the zone ID list, you can use the new 'forced' option to benefit from SpeedyQT all the time.

1.0.0 Release

Drop 5 created major performance problems with the Objective/Quest trackers. I finally got fed up with the poor performance and tracked down the problem.  

90% of ObjectiveTracker and QuestTracker time is spent inside the "ObjectiveTrackerUpdated" event. Almost all of the wasted processing time occurs inside DrawQuestWindow which is always called every 1s. This function does a complete teardown, re-query, redraw, and resize of every quest, contract, imbue, and path mission your character has. The only purpose this serves is to add/hide quests that come into, or out of range.

This design is horribly inefficient. After only 10 minutes of sitting at my housing plot, a 1s stutter is clearly noticeable within the client. 70 FPS and the camera will hiccup in time with the ObjectiveTrackerUpdated event. Not only does this cause camera stuttering, but it will prevent the client from processing some keyboard events. Spamming Vitality Burst in time w/ the ObjectiveTrackerUpdated event will cause it to stick. Charging fully without stopping to release.

My add-on stops the expensive redraw calls while the user is inside dungeons, raids, capital cities, or housing plots (PvP coming soon). Any situation where you don't give a damn whether quests are moving in/out of range.

Here is ObjectiveTracker and QuestTracker performance after 20 minutes:

Here is ObjectiveTracker and SpeedyQT performance after 20 minutes:

Carbino Plz...