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Wildstar suffers from only having one telegraph color. Mnemesis casts a spell: Defragment that targets every player and grows to form a rather large square. Due to telegraph overlapping,  it becomes impossible to determine the precise positioning of other player's Defrags.

Take a look at the screen shot above. I've outlined my own Defrag, which will not hit either of the players next to me. The player in the top left will pretty clearly hit me. However, will the player in the lower right hit me? Who the hell knows... the logs will tell.

This add-on seeks to fix this problem.  Allowing you to position and re-act to your unruly neighbors.

As a side note: I'm fully aware that an add-on like this already exists. However, it has not been released (despite my requests to several streamers with said add-on). This is a freely available alternative that I've created.

Current Features

  • Displays your own Defrag square for the duration of the cast.
  • Displays the Defrag squares of nearby party members. Up to 4 players within 13 meters.
  • Hides any Defrag squares that can not hit you.
  • Reports list of players that are hit multiple times by Defrag or Combinatorial Genomics (maze).
  • Some cleave support: Displays hitbox size of Water and Logic. The hitbox defaults to green, and will turn red if they are too close together.


  • Customization (colors, line thickness, reporting style/channel).
  • Reduced Alpha when there's no risk of hitting or getting hit by anybody.